Lalgola College

NAAC Accredited "B" in 2016

Affiliated to University of Kalyani

Recognised by UGC vide 2(f) & 12 (b)

Department of English

About Department:

Having a temporary affiliation with the University of Kalyani in 2005, Lalgola College started its educational voyage in 2006, when English, as a subject, was taught as part of the B.A. General course, in addition to being a compulsory subject for the students of the first year B.A. General. In 2008 English was introduced as a distinct department with a student strength of thirty. Since then, the journey of the department continues and presently, it has an intake capacity of sixty students in the English Major discipline.

Mission & Vision:

‘My idea was that Education should be a part of Life itself and must mot be detected from it and be into something abstract’- Rabindranath Tagare. Fostering the very idea of education, the Department of English of Lalgola College, endeavours to inculcate, in the students, the spirit of ‘being’ to ‘becoming’. It strives to formulate a path of teaching literature through a mode tutoring which Friedrich Schiller would name ‘aesthetic education’.

Along with nurturing the abilities of critical thinking and analytical understanding in the students, the department forges interdisciplinary approach to study literature. By expounding on diverse themes such as the construction of ‘nationalism', identity, racial categories, gender stereotypes along with the dynamics and politics of language and representation. The department enables students to develop a holistic approach and engage with the socio-cultural praxis. Such engagement facilitates students, belonging to a minority section, under their location and position vis-a-vis the larger content their ‘homeland’.

Aligned with the NEP model which values the merits interdisciplinarity and a pluralistic model, the department extends its offerings to include AECC, SEC, MDC. Being trained through such pedagogic tools, students develop skills and knowledge to excel in various, domains. They emerge as experts in academics, public services, mass communication, administrative services and entrepreneurship as well.

The career prospects of the students of the Department of English are varied. Graduate students from the department have been working as teachers and government officials. Several students have also enrolled themselves for higher studies as institutions like Presidency University, Hyderabad Central University, West Bengal State University anda other institutions of good repute.


Mr. Somnath Chakraborti
Assistant Professor
M. A.

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Dr. Chayanika Ghosh
Assistant Professor
M. A., M.Phil, PhD.

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Miss Satarupa Mondal
State Aided College Teacher

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Sl.No. Date Title Download
114 Apr 2024BA English syllabus according to NEP 2020Download
214 Apr 2024ENGH CBCS HONS SyllabusDownload
314 Apr 2024ENGH CBCS GENERAL SyllabusDownload
401 Sep 2023SYLLABI FOR UNDER GRADUATE COURSES NEP-2020 (National Education Policy – 2020)Download

Lesson Plan:

Sl.No. Date Title Download
114 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2023-24 Semesters 1-5Download
214 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2022-23 Semesters 2,4,6Download
314 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2022-23 Semesters 1-5Download
414 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2021-22 Semesters 2,4,6Download
514 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2021-22 Semesters 1-5Download
614 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2020-21 Semesters 2,4Download
714 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2020-21 Semesters 1-3Download
814 Apr 2024Course Distribution English_ 2020-21 Part IIIDownload
902 Apr 2024Course Distribution English 2023-24 Semesters 2,4,6Download


  1. The department organises annual events like Freshers' Welcome, Farewell and Reunion with a view to promote social integrity and cultural harmony.
  2. To motivate students psychologically and academically during Covid, the department had arranged for essay writing competition in July 2020.
  3. It also conducts community service programme at regular intervals to serve the underprivileged children of Lalgola, especially to those living at areas surrounding the India-Bangladesh border.
  4. In order to develop entrepreneurship skills in the students the department encouraged the students to set up a temporary food court at the college premises during the college annual sports in 2019.
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Add-on Course:

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115 Sep 2023CLASS ROUTINE DEPT: OF ENGLISH, SESSION:-2023-2024.Download

Deparmental Notice Board:

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108 Apr 2024Notice for Community Service ProgrammeDownload
203 Apr 2024Community Service Programme - Dept. of EnglishDownload
305 Feb 2024Notice for parent meetingDownload
403 Oct 2023Seminar Organization by Department of EnglishDownload

University Results:

Year Appeared Passed Pass Percentage

Placement & Progression of Students:

Year / Session Student Name Type of Assistance
2024Sanghamitra SinhaWorking in Integrated Child Development Scheme service in West Bengal
2023Md. Abdul AhatW.B. Excise Constable
2023Suraj HossainM.A. in English, West Bengal State University
2023Anuja YeasminM.A. in English, West Bengal State University
2022Suraj HossainWorking as an assistant teacher in Voice Public School H.S., Raghunathganj, Murshidabad
2022Anuja YeasminWorking as an assistant teacher in Guidance Academy, Murshidabad
2022Sultana KhatunW.B. Excise Constable
2022Rony GhoshWorking as an assistant teacher at a government aided primary school in West Bengal Qualified as Block Youth Officer
2019Samirul SkQualified SET in English in 2018, NET in English
2019Ashraful AlamW.B. Police Sub Inspector
2019Benjamin KhatunM.A. in English, Presidency University

Financial Assistance Available for the Students:

Year / Session Student Name Type of Assistance

Study Material:

Sl.No. Date Title Semester Download
115 Apr 2024Things Fall Apart: An Alternative Interpretation1st SemesterDownload
215 Apr 2024Romanticism Class Lecture4th SemesterDownload
315 Apr 2024Presentation SKills by Chayanika Ghosh1st SemesterDownload
415 Apr 2024Memory and Modern Drama: Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie as a Case Study1st SemesterDownload
515 Apr 2024Mastering Soft Skills by Chayanika Ghosh1st SemesterDownload
615 Apr 2024Making Men and History: Achebe and the Politics of Revisionism1st SemesterDownload
715 Apr 2024Amar Jiban - My Life - Rasasundari Devi1st SemesterDownload

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Events organized:

Sl.No. Date Title of Seminars / Workshops Level Type Speakers Duration Download
103 Oct 2023Foregrounding the MicronarrativesState LevelSeminarProf. Saikat Sarkar & Prof. Abhijit BhattacharyyaOne DayDownload
228 Nov 2019Indigenous Cultural Identity and folk life of Santal Community and Screening of the Documentary, Tales in StepsState LevelSeminarSudipto Mukhopadhyayaone dayDownload

Academic Calendar:

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Download Centre:

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104 Sep 2023Departmental Routine 2023-24Download
201 Feb 2023Teacher Feedback FormDownload

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