Lalgola College

NAAC Accredited "B" in 2016

Affiliated to University of Kalyani

Recognised by UGC vide 2(f) & 12 (b)

Core Values

Investment in Student Success:

We believe in empowering students to be the competent leaders of tomorrow by providing a stimulating academic environment with appropriate support.


We are Navigators! It is the responsibility of everyone at Lalgola College to guide ourselves, students and colleagues through this shared transformational journey of personal and professional development.

Service to Community:

Our obligation and responsibility is to give back to individuals and the broader community. We encourage collaboration and seek out meaningful experiences for students, faculty and staff.

Respect for the Natural Environment:

We value our role in advancing solutions for a sustainable future and we recognize the close relationship between people and the Earth, acting in ways to live and work sustainably.