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Department of Philosophy

About Department:

The department of philosophy was established in the year 2006. At the very beginning, in year 2006 the college offered only philosophy programme course. In the year 2010 the Governing Body of the college introduce Honours (At present Major) courses in the UG level with the permission of Kalyani University. Since Inception of the institute the department of philosophy has been rendering it's service to all the students of UG degree. Besides teaching, the faculty members are actively engaged in students personality enhancement and other activity such as seminar, Research activity etc in the field of philosophy.

The department of philosophy tries to provide its students a wide variety interesting courses that address moral issues to attain Social good and moral values. Philosophy being the most practical course of study, the department tries to impact skill that will be useful not only in any career but also in personal life. The study of philosophy will enable one to think carefully, critically and with clarity, take a logical approach to address challenging questions and examine hard issues, reason well and evaluate the reasoning of others and discuss sensibly.


  1. To give the students the opportunity of being a good and moral social man as well as changing the mind pattern to Innovative thinking by the departmental activities by making heart by heart relation.
  2. To show them the 'Art of living', to empower them by the self empowerm, to help them in formation of good mental health through dialogues, free Association methods and citation of examples of great men and philosopher in particular and build their character, as necessary objectives for higher education.
  3. To make them adaptable in the society, we activate them to cope up with the environmental problems.
  4. To make the fit to fight for justice everywhere, to make them believe in non- violence as a policy to be kind and courteous to everybody.
  5. Encouragement to students to cultivate a feeling and loving heart to touch by mass literacy, object poverty and Uncleanness and feel compassion for the suffering men's and women's.
  6. To believe in equality and fraternity and to prepare to fight for the economic and Social Justice and to gather courage to fight against social evils.


The philosophy Department of lalgola college was established with the vision of imparting quality as well as spiritual education to the students of lalgola and its neighbouring area to help students to develop intellectual abilities important for life as a whole, beyond the knowledge and skills for any particular profession, thus enhancing the analytical, critical and interpretative capacities applicable to any subject matter and in any human context.

Our moto is to enrich the knowledge of the students of philosophy with special emphasis on the spiritual, moral and ethical values and to create a clam, peaceful and nobel atmosphere amongst the students, So that they can enable themselves to be a good moral citizen in future. Philosophy is a natural deep study. It is a romantic subject and undoubtly it is as valuable as gold though may not be as useful as coal. In the turmoil, troublesome and violin society philosophy can be one of the ways for peace and harmony. Studying and practicing philosophy can help ver much in that society. Due Technological Revolution 'Man' in nature and spirit looses his inhabits. Naturality of man diminishing day by day. To keep in safeguard man's naturality philosophy is mast. At present time our vision Should rounded with philosophysing about philosophy. In this path we should not forget our beloved and respected philosophers and should remember the H. W Longfellow's well known verse-

''Live for great men all reminders
we can make our life sublime,
And departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the stands of time.''

Education is not merely a thing to be acquired; It is thing to lived in our daily life. As Lord Bryce once said, ''The end of study is not possess knowledge as a man posses the coins in his purse, but to make knowledge about of ourselve, that is to turn knowledge into thought as the food we eat is turned into the life giving and nerve nourishing blood''.


Mr. Jaduram Barman
Assistant Professor & HOD
M.A, M.Phil

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Mr. Subhankar Purkait
Assistant Professor
M.A, M.Phil

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Mrs. Jharna Saha
State Aided College Teacher

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Sl.No. Date Title Download
110 Aug 2023NEP -20 Four Years UG philosophy syllabusDownload
213 Jul 2023Kalyani University Philosophy SyllabusDownload
302 Jul 2018CBCS syllabus for B.A HonoursDownload
407 Feb 2018I+I+I B.A Honours and General SyllabusDownload

Lesson Plan:

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113 Jun 2022Lesson plan 2022-23Download
209 Jun 2021Lesson Plan 2021-22Download
319 Jan 2021Lesson plan 2020-21Download


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122 May 2024Special Lecture on Rabindranath TagoreDownload
215 Mar 2023Question papers Digitization by studentsDownload
305 Jul 2022Fresher’s and Farewell 2022Download


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103 Jan 2024New Philosophy Routine for 2, 4, 6 semesterDownload

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121 May 2024Special Lecture on Rabindranath TagoreDownload
214 Dec 2023Exam NoticeDownload
327 Jun 2023Alumni Association FormationDownload
423 May 20236th Sem Exam form filup and Admit downloadDownload

University Results:

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Placement & Progression of Students:

Year / Session Student Name Type of Assistance
2022-23PRATIMA HALDARM.A Pursuing at Murshidabad University
2022-23KABIRA KHATUNM.A Pursuing at Kalyani University
2022-23NASRIN SULTANAM.A Pursuing at Murshidabad University
2021-22MERINA KHATUNM.A Pursuing at Krishna Nagar Govt. College
2021-22NAJIA KHATUNPursuing LLB
2021-22LABONI HALDARM.A Pursuing at Murshidabad University
2021-22INAZAMUL HOQUEM.A Pursuing at R.B.U
2020-21UMMEY SALMAM.A Completed from Murshidabad University
2020-21ASRAFUNNESHA KHATUNM.A Completed from Murshidabad University
2020-21DILRUBA YEASMINM.A Completed from K.U
2020-21SAMIJA KHATUNM.A Completed from K.U

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Study Material:

Sl.No. Date Title Semester Download
122 Jan 2021Western Epistemology6th SemesterDownload
204 Jan 2021Contemporary Indian philosophy6th SemesterDownload
304 Jan 2021Applied philosophy6th SemesterDownload
412 Jul 2020Original Text- An Enquiry concerning Human understanding5th SemesterDownload
512 Jul 2020Vedantasar5th SemesterDownload
602 Jul 2020Western Logic -25th SemesterDownload
702 Jul 2020Social philosophy5th SemesterDownload
812 Jan 2020Western Logic4th SemesterDownload
909 Jan 2020Philosophy of Rigion4th SemesterDownload
1009 Jan 2020Psychology4th SemesterDownload
1112 Dec 2019India Logic3rd SemesterDownload
1204 Dec 2019An introduction to Indian philosophy2nd SemesterDownload
1308 Jul 2019Indian EthicsN/ADownload
1405 Jul 2019Introduction to Logic by I.M Copi3rd SemesterDownload
1505 Jun 2019ভারতীয় দর্শনের ইতিহাস1st SemesterDownload
1605 Jun 2019প্রাচ্য ও পাশ্চাত্য দর্শনের ইতিহাস1st SemesterDownload
1708 Aug 2018History of western philosophy2nd SemesterDownload

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Events organized:

Sl.No. Date Title of Seminars / Workshops Level Type Speakers Duration Download
122 May 2024Special Lecture on Rabindranath TagoreCollege LevelEventsDr. Debjani Bhowmik (Chakraborty)3 HoursDownload
230 Mar 2023One-Day State Level Periodic LecturesState LevelSeminarProf. Dipayan Pattanayek, Dr. Kuheli Biswas, Dr. Goutam Kumar Ghosh, Mr. Somnath ChakrabortySix HoursDownload

Academic Calendar:

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113 Jun 2024Academic Calendar 2022-23Download
213 Jun 2024Academic Calendar 2021-22Download
313 Jun 2024Academic Calendar 2020-21Download
413 Jun 2024Academic Calendar 2019-20Download
513 Jun 2024Academic Calendar 2018-19Download


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