Lalgola College

NAAC Accredited "B" in 2016

Affiliated to University of Kalyani

Recognised by UGC vide 2(f) & 12 (b)

Department of Bengali

About the Department:

The department of Bengali commenced its journey since the inception of the college. Compulsory Bengali began as University mandate whereas elective Bengali began with three (3) students only. In 2008 with the set up of new college building, Bengali was introduced as an honours subject, with the intake capacity of thirty (30) students. The department has continued to teach both honours and general courses in the undergraduate level with success. Presently, follows NEP 2020. The first batch of Honours students completed their graduation in 2011. As years passed the enrollment of students in our department kept increasing. Along with regular classes our efficient teachers have been successful in encouraging the students' interest in studies by imparting out of the box knowledge beside academic course. Our department conducts various seminars, wall magazine activities, inter college competitions, performance of drama, educational tours etc. for betterment of students. Our department pays special attention to the students belonging from backward sections and tries to resolve their issues. Interactions are done with their parents to understand the constraints that their wards face.


To prepare a student such that when leaving college after completion the three years or four years degree course, he/she is equipped with a positive frame of mind, has basic communication skills, has acquired the ability to explain something logically and above all has developed a balanced personality.


The vision of our bengali department is to spread higher education amongst the first generation learners so that they are able to come out of their barriers and contribute in nation building. We visualize the students to engage with the local Bengali community to preserve its heritage through celebration of various events, programmes and collaborations. We picture them to foster creativity, communication skills and critical thinking by culturing interdisciplinary approaches of Bengali language and its rich legacy. The department wants to prepare the students to resolve Social challenges like cultural degradation, moral devaluation and make them so able that they can further encourage other students to opt for Bengali. We want to prepare the students for diverse career paths that Bengali provides by equipping them with utmost knowledge and resources which will also upgrade their analytical skills and mindset.


Dr. Rinku saha
Assistant Professor

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Dr. Mst.Syeda Nafisa Islam
Associate Professor
M. A., Ph. D.

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Dr. Malyaban Roy
State Aided College Teacher
M. A., Ph. D.

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Mrs. Mamataz Sultana
State Aided College Teacher
M. A., B. Ed.

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Sl.No. Date Title Download
113 Apr 2024Syllabus 1ST & 2ND Semester NEPDownload
213 Apr 2024Bengali honoursDownload
313 Apr 2024Bengali generalDownload
405 Oct 2023সাম্মানিকস্তরDownload
505 Oct 2023সাধারণ স্তরDownload

Lesson Plan:

Sl.No. Date Title Download
113 Apr 2024Lesson Plan 2023-24Download
213 Apr 2024Lesson Plan 2022-23Download
313 Apr 2024Lesson Plan 2021-22Download
413 Apr 2024Lesson Plan 2020-21Download
513 Apr 2024Lesson Plan 2019-20Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
116 Jan 2024বিভাগীয় ভ্রমণDownload
229 Mar 2022স্মৃতি পুরস্কারDownload
321 Feb 2022আন্তর্জাতিক মাতৃভাষা দিবসDownload


Bengali Dept had initiated to publish a digital departmental magazine and finally published it on 27.08.2020 named - "Pidim". Teachers and students have shared their writings in this magazine. Poetries and poems form the base of it. It has also encouraged the students and enhanced their writing skill.

Sl.No. Date Title Download
113 Apr 2024Bengali Departmental Magazine, 2020Download

Add-on Course:

Sl.No. Date Title Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download
107 May 2024Class Routine, department of Bengali. Session 2023-24Download

Deparmental Notice Board:

Departmental notices are stated in departmental Bulletin Board, the informations are also posted in the Whatsapp groups for effective communication. Notices are sent regarding various issues such as departmental academic updates, changes of routine, upcoming events, class test, teachers students meetings, parents teachers meeting etc. Departmental notices are distributed to the students on time to ensure that they get proper time to respond to it.

Sl.No. Date Title Download
129 Jan 2024Notice for parent teacher meetingDownload
212 Aug 2019Notice for parent teacher meetingDownload

University Results:

Year Appeared Passed Pass Percentage

Placement & Progression of Students:

Year / Session Student Name Type of Assistance
2023-24Salauddin Sk.Netaji Subhas Open University
2023-24Nargis ParvinK.U.
2023-24Takrima KhatunK.U.
2023-24Mahafuja Firdaus SiddqiK.U.
2023-24Sahina KhatunK.U.
2023-24Nilima SinghaNetaji Subhas Open University
2023-24Sagupta YesminNetaji Subhas Open University
2022-23Tuslima KhatunNetaji Subhas Open University
2022-23Rabia ChowdhuryNetaji Subhas Open University
2022-23Resmi KhatunK.U.
2022-23Sohana ParvejK.U.
2022-23Khadija KhatunK.U.
2022-23Samima SultanaK.U.
2022-23Sanjida YesminK.U.
2022-23Abdur RahamanK.U.
2022-23Joly KhatunK.U.
2022-23Champa GhoshK.U.
2021-22Sarif IkbalK.U.
2021-22Sania AfrinaK.U.
2021-22Mampi GhoshK.U.
2020-21Durga ShawWest Bengal Home Guard Police Service, Joining Date : 08.02.2022
2020-21Samima YosminK.U.
2020-21Manoshi DasK.U.
2020-21Kamarun NeshaK.U.
2020-21Senjarul IslamK.U.
2020-21Shahidul ISlam ChowdhuryK.U.
2019-20Arjina KhatunNetaji Subhas Open University

Financial Assistance Available for the Students:

Year / Session Student Name Type of Assistance

Study Material:

Sl.No. Date Title Semester Download
111 Feb 2024আমার জীবন3rd SemesterDownload
210 Jan 2024পোনাঘাট পেরিয়ে3rd SemesterDownload
316 Oct 2023হাঁসুলিবাঁকের উপকথা5th SemesterDownload
428 Sep 2022ছন্দ, অলংকার, বৈষ্ণব পদাবলী1st SemesterDownload
524 Jun 2021বাংলা রূপকথা শিশু কিশোর ও গোয়েন্দা সাহিত্য6th SemesterDownload
626 Feb 2021সাহিত্য তত্ত্ব5th SemesterDownload
705 Feb 2021বাংলাদেশের সাহিত্য – ছোটগল্প5th SemesterDownload

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops / Events organized:

Sl.No. Date Title of Seminars / Workshops Level Type Speakers Duration Download
129 Mar 2022A workshop on Folk literature "Shikarer Tane Lokgan"College LevelWorkshopSri Haraprasad Sil1-daysDownload
201 Jun 20203-days International Webinar "Prasanga Najrul : Jana Ajana"International LevelWebinarProf. Dr. Manabendranath Saha, Manik Majumdar & Shawon Pant3-daysDownload

Academic Calendar:

Sl.No. Date Title Download


Sl.No. Date Title Download

Download Centre:

Sl.No. Date Title Download
116 Jun 2024রবীন্দ্র জয়ন্তী, লালগোলা কলেজ, বাংলা বিভাগDownload
218 May 2024সিনেমায় রবীন্দ্রনাথের ছোটগল্প, সৈয়দা নাফিসা ইসলামDownload
425 Jan 2024কমিকস-'ফ্যান্টম ও অরণ্যদেব'Download

Contact Us:


Phone no: Dr. Nafisa Islam -9614975665
Dr. RInku Saha- 7076239246
Smt Mamtaj Sultana -9064471417
Dr. Malyaban roy-6290214796