Lalgola College

NAAC Accredited "B" in 2016

Affiliated to University of Kalyani

Recognised by UGC vide 2(f) & 12 (b)

Code of Conduct Governing Body

The College shall be managed by a regularly constituted Governing Body/Administrator. The composition functions and other condition pertaining to the Governing Body shall be as per norms of the affiliating University - University of Calcutta.

Code of Conduct

Decisions and resolutions made by the Governing Body are obligatory.

The governing body should act to approve the mission and strategic vision of the College, long-term academic plans.

The body is formed to monitor performance of the College and quality assurance arrangements which should be, where possible and appropriate, benchmarked against other Colleges.

Governing bodies ensure compliance with the statutes, ordinances and provisions regulating their College, including regulations by statutory bodies, such as UGC, as well as regulations laid by the affiliating University.

The members of Governing Body shall maintain their character, transparency, mannerism and good image.

No property of the College to be used for personal benefits.

The members of the Governing Body can obtain service from the College employees as and when required for the benefit of the College.

If any member of Governing Body needs any primary information from College, he/ she shall communicate with the Principal and will not have any oral or written communication with other employees.

If any misbehavior and action by the employees defames the College, it will be communicated to the authority concerned in writing.

All shall abide by the saying that None Is Above The College.

The Governing Body will receive all communication in writing only from the Principal, in the same way the Governing Body will reciprocate their decision through the Principal.

Respect other member’ s opinion and give them a chance to express, if necessary permit to register contradictory opinion.

In conclusion, it is duty to all for enriching the College and to make the College as pioneer in India."