Lalgola College

NAAC Accredited "B" in 2016

Affiliated to University of Kalyani

Recognised by UGC vide 2(f) & 12 (b)

Department of Geography

About Department:

The department of Geography started its journey in 2012 as a general subject and continued till 2022-23 session.It obtained approval for introducing Geography as Major subject in 2023 -24 session.There are now 30 sanctioned seat in Major.One SACT 1 faculty is teaching in this department. The department has laboratory facilities for the students.

Besides teaching the department tries to aware the students in different contemporary issues,social matters etc.


The Mission of the Department is to develop the interest and desire to understand and investigate regarding the human and physical characteristics of different space and their distinctiveness.The Department is trying to provide the students with various opportunities where they can use their skill, knowledge etc. The skill and knowledge are put to practice both inside and outside of classroom.


  1. The vision of the Geography Department is to make the students as responsible citizens.
  2. The Department aims at making the students understand about the man-nature relationship which ultimately help them to analyse the occurance of natural phenomenon.
  3. This Department is committed to make the students responsible towards environment as well as to the society.


Nirmalya Kundu
State Aided College Teacher

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113 Apr 2024UG NEP Geography SyllabusDownload
213 Apr 2024UG CBCS Geography SyllabusDownload

Lesson Plan:

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108 May 2024Lesson Plan 2023-24Download
208 May 2024Lesson Plan 2022-23Download
308 May 2024Lesson Plan 2021-22Download
408 May 2024Lesson Plan 2020-21Download
508 May 2024Lesson Plan 2019-20Download


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108 May 2024Class Routine 2023-24 (2nd, 4th & 6th Sem)Download
208 May 2024Class Routine 2023-24 (1st, 3rd & 5th Sem)Download
308 May 2024Class Routine 2022-23Download
408 May 2024Class Routine 2021-2022Download
508 May 2024Class Routine 2020-2021Download

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Study Material:

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108 May 2024Study material Sem 33rd SemesterDownload
208 May 2024Gradation in geography2nd SemesterDownload
308 May 2024পাত সংস্থান তত্ত্বের বিবর্তনের ইতি হাস1st SemesterDownload

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115 Jun 2023GeographyDownload

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